Omnichannel Platform


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Capture, understand, and filter consumers’ data to maximize the creating of value.

The 4th Industrial Revolution offers humanity the possibility to see itself like never before in history. Today it is possible to understand consumers’ behaviors and habits that were not noticed before. “What is your favorite song?” If you have ever used any streaming music service, it is very likely that the application knows your musical preferences and more, it also suggests songs based on this prerogative. But the question is:

How brands can use consumers’ profiles to offer unique and complete products and services?

Through a 360º vision and centralized data of customers, CiaTécnica’s Omnichannel Platform can identify customers’ most likely moment to make purchases. With proper communication using social media channels for each group of clients, the solution optimizes the results of companies’ marketing campaigns. With these and several other features that the Omnichannel Platform offers, the implementation of omnichannel and cross-channel concepts becomes much more effective than traditional CRM systems.

For this to occur, you must understand your customer.

The standardization of customer and product data is essential for omnichannel strategies to work effectively. CiaTécnica has the methods that allows this standardization to happen automatically, regardless of the system(s) in which customers’ or products’ data is registered or stored.

CiaTécnica’s Omnichannel Platform offers a wealth of data management tools, customers’ and prospects’ relations capabilities, enabling cross-selling and up-selling strategies to be developed much more effectively.

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