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How to transform your organization into a digital business?

Why you must act now?

The way your company defines priorities in tech will be determinant to your competitiveness. Today some companies feel comfortable with a good ERP system, a well-done website or ecommerce. However, we are talking about something way more complex and challenging: a disruption in the way to manage business, allowing your organization to fully enjoy opportunities from the New Economy and the Digital Transformation.

CiaTécnica’s consultancy and business’ solutions make viable to shift processes in your company that are traditional to make them innovative.

New disruptive technologies like the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Social Networks, and Virtual Reality are completely transforming social and commercial relations. Also, companies need to adequate rapidly so that their processes become totally digital.

Make your company digital, innovative, and connected by implementing a new technological matrix, allowing firms to share information and to rapidly access the possibilities from the new digital universe, with extremely dynamic operations.

In the New Economy, with the advent of the API Economy, digital links connect services, applications and systems, allowing companies to fully enjoy data to create unique experiences to customers, creating new routes and business models.

CiaTécnica offers the creation of basis and the adaptation of the organization to a new technological matrix, where your company will share information and build a digital “Lego®” made of extremely simple operationalization.

The highlight of the Agile Methodology applied to CiaTécnica’s projects is the reduction of rework during systems’ development, by sharing the knowledge of business with people involved in the project and client’s participation, from the request until the delivery.

Bring digital transformation to your company.

• Improve processes

• Improve customer relationship management

• Create new products and services

• Boost business competitiveness

• Generate much more results


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