CiaTécnica is a consultancy specialized in transforming business processes, creating the basis and adapting them to a new technological matrix.

Focusing on the Business Transformation for inclusion of companies in the New Economy, CiaTécnica offers to clients innovative solutions through the application of the best market practices with a highly specialized, multidisciplinary team.

Founded in 2010, with sales offices in São Paulo and São José do Rio Preto, in addition to 4 software factories, CiaTécnica operates in various regions of Brazil, in both national and multinational companies of medium and large sizes. After nearly a decade of work in various sectors of the economy, the company follows the footsteps of its founders and has the most skilled consultants from various areas of knowledge.

  • Specialized consultancy
  • Innovative solutions
  • Best market practices
  • Highly skilled, multidisciplinary team
  • Servicing different sectors of the economy